We firmly believe in fair trade between us and our associates in the countries we operate and between us and our customers. With this in mind we have a Fair Trade Policy as detailed below:

  • We do not have ‘exclusive agreements’ which means that our associates are free to market their property through other operators.
  • Rooms are not block booked by us and the bookings are made on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
  • We pay our associates promptly and, if there is a cancellation, they are paid a cancellation fee.
  • We take bookings throughout the year, not just high season.
  • We use local guides. Not only does this provide local employment and income but it also offers you the best opportunity to find out about the area you are visiting.
  • We do not exploit cheap labour. All our tour guides are local Tourist Board approved and qualified. We pay more than some of the larger tour operators in UK and Europe and we ensure that they have decent accommodation during the tours.
  • We ensure the majority of the money from your holiday goes directly to the local economy. Hence the majority of our staff are based in offshore local offices. Our local office staff are paid a higher salary and have more annual leave than the market average. They also have home working options.
  • We do not request commission from any local shops or restaurants that we take you to during your travels.