Cheap Holidays in Mauritius

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Cheap Holidays in Mauritius – We have a secret to share about how you can get a great Mauritius holiday deal. What? Never heard of Mauritius? You should know about it. It’s a nice tropical island in the Indian ocean. You can find some cheap Mauritius package holidays on the lovely island, with reefs and nice beaches and crystal blue water. Not a lot of people know about the luxury holiday villas Mauritius has to offer. Would you prefer a package holiday to Mauritius? That way everything is taken care of so you can enjoy cheap holidays in Mauritius. The all inclusive holidays in Mauritius include hotel and flight and we provide the information you need on the island and how to book your vacation.

A package holiday to Mauritius always starts with what you want to do on your holiday at the island. Are you simply looking to get away with cheap holidays in Mauritius? You probably want to check out the surf and want something simple. You might not want to be spending a lot of time in the luxury holiday villas Mauritius has to offer. That’s okay though because a special Mauritius holiday deal could always include a cheaper hotel room, something affordable for you or your family. Perhaps you want to experience everything that the island has to offer, all inclusive holidays in Mauritius doesn’t have to be expensive. Mauritius package holidays can include everything you want, hotel, shopping destinations, tourist information and more. You want to see all there is on the island; you can’t beat the Mauritius holiday deal that we can offer.

The best way to get a great Mauritius holiday deal is to book early. To be honest though, you can usually find all inclusive cheap holidays in Mauritius most of the time. We Didn’t tell you it was a secret? Because it is not so well known, not a lot of people are roaming the beaches, so you can enjoy a little fun either in the luxury holiday villas that Mauritius offers or just enjoy all the things you like, like visiting the natural location of Le Val Nature. Your package holiday to Mauritius can include some scheduled time on one of the many golf courses. There really is something for everyone at this island, so don’t forget to book your cheap holidays in Mauritius through us.… read more

Party girls think that any female can draw in a male by wearing sexual underwear

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Getting Ready For First Time Sex and Using party girls in London

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London is among the very best places to visit during the vacation. While in London, you can employ our party girls to keep your business throughout your stay. Our cheap hotties come from various nationalities. You can hire cheap hotties from China, India, Italy, England, Germany and Mexico just to mention a few of them. It is not compulsory to come to our offices before you can reserve one cheap and sexy escorts since you can do from the comfort of your sofa as long as you have a computer system or Smartphone with an internet connection. Prior to you book the next flight to London, … read more

About Region – West, Mauritius

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The west side of the island is one of the best spots with long sandy beaches. Unlike the North, it has remained less developed but offers the same facilities. Many hotels (like La Pirogue, Sugar Beach, Le Morne, Hilton, Sofitel) are found along the coastline and there are also beach resorts like Flic en Flac that have long sandy beaches fringed with casuarina trees.

Game fishing – Further down on the west coastline, there is Rivière Noire Centre de Pêche, which offers all the facilities for Big Game fishing. Over the last few years, big game fishing championship has been regularly staged there with contenders coming from all over the world.

Salt Pans – Owing to the exceptional high level of sunshine the district receives, Tamarin is naturally the heart of salt production in Mauritius. Tamarin beach is another place, along the western shoreline, which offers a new thrill. Because of its waves it is the ideal spot to practice surfing and body board especially in winter.

Casela – Situated in the Rivière Noire district is the Casela Bird Park sanctuary. The bird park stretches over 25 hectares and contains more than 140 bird species from all five continents of Mauritius. Other attractions include fish ponds, tigers, tortoises, monkeys, deer and orchids. And if you are lucky, you can get a glimpse of the rare pink pigeon of Mauritius.

Salt Pans – Owing to the exceptional high level of sunshine the district receives, Tamarin is naturally the heart of salt production in Mauritius. Tamarin beach is another place, along the western shoreline, which offers a new thrill. Because of its waves it is the ideal spot to practice surfing and body board especially in winter.

Casela – Situated in the Rivière Noire district is the Casela Bird Park sanctuary. The bird park stretches over 25 hectares and contains more than 140 bird species from all five continents of Mauritius. Other attractions include fish ponds, tigers, tortoises, monkeys, deer and orchids. And if you are lucky, you can get a glimpse of the rare pink pigeon of Mauritius.

Martello Towers – The Martello Towers represent the scene of the ancient rivalry between old colonial powers and the ingenuity of mankind. They are a milestone in the island’s history; they symbolise the end of slavery and the beginning of Indian immigration.

Chamarel – A winding road leads from Case Noyale village to the coloured earths of Chamarel: an undulating landscape of different and contrasting shades of colours. The different shades of blue, green, red and yellow are apparently the result of the erosion of the volcanic ash. The neighbouring waterfalls of Chamarel rise from the moors and the native plant life. The site possesses a rare beauty. At Chamarel Village you can enjoy the taste of typical Mauritian cuisine.

YemenYemen Reserve may not be the largest game reserve on the island, but there is still lots to see. You will be able to get close to the herds of deer, as well as admire some splendid species of Mauritian fauna. A few rustic kiosks available in the reserve provide an unobstructed view of the sea. There you can sip a local punch while watching the sun going more

About Region – South, Mauritius

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The south is the wildest and less developed region of the island. Apart from Mahébourg and its surroundings, this region has remained untouched because of the absence of calm lagoons. The ‘deep south’ as it is sometimes called, is probably the unknown and forgotten side of coastal region of Mauritius with its high cliffs and raging seas. Gris Gris and Le Souffleur are two natural spots along this coastline that offer some breathtaking sights.

Mahebourg – Mahébourg is one of the main fishing villages on the island. Built on the magnificent Grand Port Bay it was founded in 1804 by the French Governer, Charles Decaën.

w200_paradise_beachSouillac – A small seaside resort along the rugged coast of the Savanne district. A famous feature is the garden overlooking the sea and named after Dr. Charles Telfair. A popular viewpoint is found at the southern end of the village, right on the cliff top : Gris Gris. At Souillac, a village named after the Vicompte of Souillac, there is the Robert Edouard Hart Musuem. This Mauritian poet and painter has written extensively on the island especially on the Southern coast. Not far from Souillac is Rochester Falls, one of the most beautiful warterfalls of Mauritius.

Vanilla Crocodile Park – At Rivière des Anguilles in the South, the Vanilla Crocodile Park is home to crocodiles imported from Madagascar and other reptiles. One can also find other animals found in the forest of Mauritius like monkeys, wild boars, deer and tortoises.

Ile aux Aigrettes – Owing to the remarkable work accomplished by the Mauritius Wildlife Fund, the island has become an international standard for the protection of natural resources and endangered species. A few of the world’s rarest birds, including the kestrel, can be seen there. You can also discover the extremely rare Pink Pigeon, the Green Gecko Phelsuma and the Aldabra giant tortoise.

Le Val Nature Park – Le Val Nature Park is another place for nature fanatics. Situated in a more central area, it is a peaceful haven for fish, tortoise, birds and monkeys and is blessed with a superb tropical vegetation and climate.

Dutch Ruins – In the South-East of the island at Vieux Grand Port, the oldest settlements in Mauritius, you can see the ruins of the first Dutch fortifications. Excavation work is underway in a bid to uncover an important part of Mauritian history Archaeologists have recently dug out the ruins of Fort Frederick Hendrick, built under the Dutch.

w200_Le_Morne_GolfNestling in the Anse Jonchée hills, the Domaine des Grand Bois has splendid hunting grounds covering an area of 900 hectares. Stags, monkeys and boars live amidst the luxuriant vegetation of the hillside. One can watch a few species of endangered birds, including the kestrel. The Domaine contains an exotic restaurant serves delicious Mauritian Cuisine. Take an opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal of venison and seafood with panoramic sea views. The hillside of the Domain, also offers an extraordinary view on this South Eastern part of the island. You can walk around this Domaine and enjoy the scent of Ylang Ylang and other aromatic plants that are distilled in the nearby distillery. There is also a rustic but pleasant restaurant where you can enjoy local Mauritian cuisine.

w200_Le_Morne_MountainLe Morne – South east is Le Morne, a near peninsula that offers the staggering view of Le Morne Brabant Mountain, which is like a rock coming out of the sea. Le Morne also host the horrible story of runaway slaves who plunged from the top of the mountain when soldiers came to tell them that they were free. They thought that these soldiers where coming to get them back to slavery and preferred death to losing their freedom. More of a myth than a true story argues historian against popular belief. … read more

About Region – North, Mauritius

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The north of the island is best known for its white sandy beaches and calm lagoons. As such it has the biggest number of beach resorts and is the most developed part of the Mauritian coastline.

royal_palm_grand_bay_beachGrand Bay – Grand Bay is the centre of life in the north. It has everything of a modern beach resort with its shops, galleries, shopping centres, hotels and bungalows along its emerald green waters bay. Grand Bay is also one of the centres of nightlife in Mauritius with a number of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. A little to the north of Grand Bay is Péreybère, a small resort with one of the best bathing place of the island. It is one of the most appreciated (popular) resorts and has a big number of bungalows and some small hotels and restaurants. There are also most basic amenities like banks, shops and supermarkets. Further north you have Cap Malheureux. It was there that the English landed in 1810 to conquer the island. It is a calm small fishermen village with a small beach and some very beautiful views of the northern islets as backdrop to a very charming little chapel.

w200_choisy_beach_boatChoisy beach – In the northwest you have the Choisy beach, which is one of the longest in Mauritius. Its beautiful lagoon is shaded by casuarinas trees and on the contrary of the other beaches is has no hotels or bungalows. To its south you have Trou Aux Biches, a small village with a very long and beautiful beach. Most of it is bordered by the Trou Aux Biches Hotel, which has a golf course and a casino. The village also has many bungalows, some restaurants and a bank as well.

w200_pamplemousses_gardensPamplemousses Botanical Garden – The Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, found in the village of Pamplemousses, is one of the most visited attractions in Mauritius. It was under French intendant Pierre Poivre that the garden really started off as the botanical garden famous over the world for its variety of rare tropical plants. He wanted to grow spice on the island and imported a variety of plants for experiment. There is a large variety of exotic plants with the most famous being the giant Victoria Amazonica water lilies. There is also the Talipot tree which flowers after fifty to sixty years and strangely dies just after. After walking through the alleys bordered by palm trees you will discover a beautiful example of colonial architecture with the Château Mon Plaisir. It was built by Mahé de Laboudonnais as the official Governor residence during the French period.

La Nicolière – La Nicolière is another interesting place to visit in the north. It is a lake found on higher grounds from the north vast planes. It has some forests and also offers some very beautiful views of the northern region with its mosaic of sugarcane fields. Not far from there you have the region of Congomah, which has some beautiful views of the Moka range of mountain towards Port Louis.

Gabriel Island and Flat Island -The northern part of the island has many islets. Two of them, Gabriel and Flat Island offer virgin white beaches encircled with crystal clear blue waters. You can cruise to these Islets on one of the various sailboats in what can be a memorable moment of your holidays.… read more